We know that every beginning is hard

There we have collected such a starter package

which helps you to begin to build your own online enterprise on the most efficient way!

Security Package

You can add our professional security package to every hosting solutions, we have. Although, if you choose a platina or a diamond business package, you will get it for FREE.

2 backups per day
Security backup within 8 hours in case of data loss.
0-24 ( do it by yourself) email and file backup solution
Website and server monitoring. Immediate email notification *New*
Encrypted connection between the client instrument and our server
Redundant, Website visualization technology, even in case of an IT disaster*New*
Protection against upgraded DDOS attacks


21 $/month

*Just up to date website codes can be run on the server.
*There are professional anti – virus system and harmful script monitoring technology on our servers.

Why would you pay something you don't really need? Select what you would like to adapt to your package, by yourself!

 SSL <b>40 $/ year</b>

SSL 40 $/ year

We are giving you domain validated SSL by default, therefore, if you would like to use this enrcryption for more domain names, here you can do it.

1 more giant email <b>88 $ / year</b>

1 more giant email 88 $ / year

Do you need more giant email (50GB) addresses? No problem! Here, you can add as much as you need!

Remote support <b>88 $</b>

Remote support 88 $

Our support staff can remote your PC in order to resolve the issue on the most efficient way. All you need to do is lay back and see how we settle your problem.
Sounds good, isn’t it?

Backup restore within 8 hours <b>19 $</b>

Backup restore within 8 hours 19 $

We are giving backup for every client by default,nevertheless if you need a file restore within 8 hours, you have the opportunity to ask us and we will gladly help you.

Website transfer <b>60 $</b>

Website transfer 60 $

Naturally, we can transfer your website if you need. Inquire at our support team, how you can request this service.

SSL Wildcard <b>198 $ / year</b>

SSL Wildcard 198 $ / year

The wildcard is the SSL’s Mercedes Benz. It gives you the perfect enryption.

Save the mailing <b>36 $</b>

Save the mailing 36 $

This opportunity is for those client, who would like us to treat the mailing, however he/she would like to keep the old mailing.

Transfer your mailing <b>(Price optional)</b>

Transfer your mailing (Price optional)

We can help you to transfer you mailing to us, inquire about it, at our support department.

Do you have questions? Call us on the (+36) 1 422 1460 number or ask Via chat!