NETEAGLE – Your domain is our mission!

We have dealt with domain registration and storage service since 2004, We are an official domain registrators therefore, we belong to that companies, who can officially registrate all of the domain names in Hungary!

5000+ Domain registration

2000+ Webhosting

3000+ Clients

We pride of our adeed values and the quality of service, we provide you, especially our professional support team.

We are paying attention to our old clients as well, not just the new ones. We recompense with new gifts and reductions those, who have chosen our services for years!

Our mission

  • We recognise and unserstand our client’s problems


  • We creating value, quality and stability with our IT services


  • We are consistent, and always keeping our promises, We never promise something we cannot comply with.


  • The business loyalty is one of the most important things for us, therefore we never abuse with our partner’s trust.


  • We are working creatively, always finding and setting the most effective solution


  • We assume responsibility of our work.


  • We are always standing for WIN-WIN play.